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Let us introduce to you garden suburb PRIMAVERA. Airy locality, quality of materials comparable to the highest international standards, minimalist and practical architecture, functionality and inovative approach. Our aim was also low energy consumption, convenient floor plan and complexity of solution. These requierements led a team of renowned architect studio ARCHITEKTURA Ing. arch. Davida Kraus, which was designing your new home.

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Ideal locality

Prague city center in 26 minutes, nature all around

The big advantage of your new home in the garden suburb PRIMAVERA is its location, which is a right combination of accessibility, nature, services, privacy, proximity of school and health center, entertainment and shopping. It is located in the southern part of the city Uvaly, from which every quarter-hour train reaches the Prague city center in just 26 minutes, or you arrive by car to the subway station Černý Most in just 16 minutes. To Prague's largest nature reserve Klánovice-Čihadla you can do it by bike or on foot. The garden suburb PRIMAVERA in Úvaly is exactly what you are looking for.

Urbanism for demanding

garden fence is not the end of living space

When planning the garden suburb PRIMAVERA we placed emphasis on creating a spacious and airy living area, where children can safely play and run around not only on the playground or in the almost 250-meter-long newly planted alleys, but also on living paved streets. The city of Úvaly has for children several kindergartens, elementary and art school and children's home. Leisure time you can spend on the tennis courts, football field or in handball club as well as in a variety of restaurants, cafes, wine bars and pizzerias. At your disposal is also a medical and a veterinary clinic, small shops and larger supermarkets.

Generous space beeing considered as biggest luxury

Large gardens

VWe believe that the privacy offered by a large garden is a lasting value that improves the quality of your home. Thus PRIMAVERA villas have 2 plots with an area of at least 900 m2.

Raised ceilings

While staying in your villa, you will enjoy a feeling of much greater space and airiness thanks to the extra height of ceilings on the ground floor.

Large living rooms

For the moments spent with your family and friends, we have designed living spaces far larger than it is usual. Their area is close to the size of the whole regular Prague apartment.

Panoramatic windows

In any weather throughout the year you can enjoy the view on your garden through the large windows in living hall, which leave the interieor to freely merge with the exterior.

Solid building

Long-term satisfaction

We paid great attention to the selection of materials and building processes for the construction of your villa. Our aim was to select those which, thanks to their qualities ensure long durability, reduce heating costs and also give you a feeling solidity. Therefore we finally decided to prefer a slower and more costly solid brick building with massive ceilings from reinforced concrete that will last for generations and above that is environmentally friendly. Parameters of thermal insulation of walls, floor, roof and glasses correspond to the values recommended for passive houses.

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Massive brickwork

Unique precision-ground brick block Heluz Family with thickness of 50cm due to its robust structure ensure the safety, protection against external noise, fire resistance and protection from moisture. Unlike polystyrene insulation the wall can "breathe" and naturally drain water vapor.

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Safe aluminum window frames and entrance doors

Our high demands on safety, maintenance-free usage, design, the longest life possible and strength were not met by plastic or wooden frames. That's why we chose thermally insulated luxury aluminum frames from the German manufacturer Heroal, which are the ideal solution for our requirements.

Energy saving

The cheapest energy is the unused one

One of our goals when designing were low heating costs. That is why we maximally applied the principles of construction of passive houses. We used exceptionally insulating walls, triple-glazed windows and extremely thick roof insulation. Their insulating parameters reach values recommended for passive house construction. We enlarged glass surfaces to utilize the energy of sunlight. We installed water floor heating on both floors of your villa which enables to reduce energy consumption for heating by adittional 12-18%. Thriftiness of villas PRIMAVERA is demonstrated by their classification in category A - exceptionally efficient or B - very efficient.

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Porotherm 50 EKO+ Profi U = 0,16 W/m .K

These unique brick blocks with two hundred air cavities have excellent thermal insulation characteristics, which correspond to the values recommended for passive houses and more than twice exceed those required by the technical standard ČSN. They insulate roughly as much as 25 cm of polystyrene.

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Thermo-insulating triple glazing Ug = 0,6 W/m2.K

The windows were equiped with tripleglazing designed for use in passive houses. Compared to the commonly used double glazing they let only half the heat pass trough. Thanks to their insulating characteristics is the inner glass surface warmer in winter and thus minimizes vapor condensation on it.

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Insulation on solid ceiling up to 39 cm

The massive layer of insulation protects you perfectly in hot summer or cold winter from the weather. It is helped by ceiling of reinforced concrete with excellent heat accumulation, which is not to be found in many new buildings due to its higher price. The recommended values for roofs of passive houses are also met.

Exceptional quality

Famous brands for your everyday comfort

What distinguishes the villa from the house of same size according you? Its relaxed, easy atmosphere? A sense of inner spaciousness and airiness? The materials and products, you will touch every day? When selecting standards of your villa we put emphasis in addition to their design on the reputation of the manufacturer, which testifies to the quality and functionality of its products. Our designers aligned them so that, while maintaining overall originality of villa they support your creativity and help you furnishing your new home.

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Comfortable floor heating

Low-temperature water floor heating from premium manufacturer Rehau installed in both floors of villas PRIMAVERA transfers heat into the room mainly by radiation that enables to heat the other surfaces and only then from them heats the air. Therefore the temperature distribution in the room is ideal.

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High-efficient heat pump*

We designed villas PRIMAVERA in an energy efficient design and we have chosen construction materials to match the recommendations for passive houses. This makes the need for heating energy very low. However the heat pump through its effectiveness can reduce it up to one third.
** This is not a part of standard equipment

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Design switches Celiane

Even the very sight of the elegance of switches and sockets of the famous French company Legrand will brighten up your day. And what about when you touch them. Celiane series offers uniquely wide range of functions and interchangeable frames from various materials - glass, leather, aluminium, wood...

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Tall massive lacquered doors

One of the reasons why you feel comfortable on a tour at castles are tall solid doors. Note that on next visit or enjoy them in your villa, which features massive all-wooden doors significantly reducing noise provided with several layers of quality varnish instead of cheap foil or laminate.

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Luxury tiles Bernina

High quality porcelain-stoneware tiles have natural-stone look of quarzite with matt, slightly structured surface covered with fine, irregular veins. Their sleek, contemporary look is supported by unique surface finish Vilbostone Plus filling their micropores and makes them easily to celan and more resistant to dirt.

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Genuine wooden oak flooring

Gently brushed two-layer wooden parquets made of Bohemian oak are stained in several colors. Thanks to regular NaturaWax surface treatment you will be rewarded not only by long life but also by the natural beauty of wood. Unlike laminate or vinyl flooring the renovation by light sanding is easily possible. Due to ideal transfer of heat are parquets glued to floor.

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Top sanitary porcelainSubway 2

Perfectly white sanitary porcelain from the leading manufacturer of luxury bathrooms Villeroy & Boch features a completely closed pore-free surface that makes it very easy to clean and corresponds to the highest hygienic standards.

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Unique bathtube Oberon made of QUARYL

Wellness is all about how we feel. With Quaryl®, Villeroy & Boch creates perfect well-being. Its smooth surface is pleasantly warm to the touch and pore-free. It is made of fine-grounded and cleaned quartz crystals which are moulded with high-quality resin into high-precision shapes. Your exceptional comfort is guarranted.

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Modern rimless wall-mounted WC

The design of the Architectura rimless Direct flush WC makes it easier to clean and thanks to innovative water flow is the bowl hygienically flushed with a water volume of just 3/4,5 litres. SoftClosing WC seat further increases comfort thanks to special dampers integrated into the hinges. Flush plate Viconnect perfectly complements with its chrome the shine of water faucets.

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Serie Focus water faucets

Manufacturer with more than a hundred years of history equippes its lever faucets with unique invention QuickClean removing scale and with AirPower technology, which makes water drops fuller, softer and lighter due to mixing with air.


Vila Primola

Beauty in simplicity

Compact, clean, almost minimalistic shape of villa PRIMOLA is accompanied with original design steel elements that give it an unmistakable appearance. Inside it enthuses its users by generous living space complemented with the guest room on the ground floor. Quiet zone on the first floor offers to parents a luxurious bedroom with its own dressing room and en suite bathroom. To children it offers two spacious bedrooms with adjacent bathroom accessible from the staircase hall. All living areas are lavishly illuminated by really large windows - e.g. an assembly of windows on the first floor is 13 meters long.


Dynamic practicality

The characteristic appearance of the garden suburb PRIMAVERA is complemented by dynamism of villas ZAFFERANO which add garage and guest room in ground floor to the basic compact shape. Living space with an area of almost 50 m2 opens itself on two sides to the garden with panoramic windows enhancing the feeling of connection with nature. Possibility to get out into the fresh air is retained also on the first floor, where there is a terrace directly accessible from the parents' bedroom. Quiet zone is complemented by two children's bedrooms and a spacious bathroom.


More than expected receive when buying your villa

Design fences to the street

Design fencing facing the street which is made of modern rigid welded galvanized panels with square mesh helps to form urbanistic integrity of the garden suburb PRIMAVERA. Fences between gardens are made of wire mesh.

Entrance gate with remote control

Fencing facing the street is complemented by the entry door and the sliding entrance gate operated electrically by remote control. For creating an overall impression are for the door and the gate used the same panels as for fencing.

Rainwater accumulation

Rainwater from the roof is not aimlessly drained into the sewer system, but is conducted to the sophisticated infiltrationplant on your property. To enthusiastic gardeners we offer an accumulation reservoir with pump for garden watering.

We conceived our offer so that you can enjoy your new home as soon as possible and so that you have very few items to take care of. Therefore we decided to include in the purchase price some features that occur only rarely as standard equipment and which construction customers must arrange usually by themselves or pay extra money for. When buying a villa in the garden suburb PRIMAVERA, you get - on top of the plot of land and building - also a design fence facing the street, electronically controlled sliding gate with remote control, quality garden fencing and a home videophone for communication with visitors at the entrance.

Price list

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Special offer: Air/water heat pump now as a bonus free of surcharge.
Villa number Villa type Area of land (m2)
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U10Zafferano SOLDposition on map
U11Zafferano SOLDposition on map
U12Zafferano SOLDposition on map
U13Primola I SOLDposition on map
U14Primola I SOLDposition on map
U19Primola I SOLDposition on map
U20Primola I SOLDposition on map
U21Primola I SOLDposition on map
U22Zafferano SOLDpoloha na mapě
U25Primola II SOLDposition on map
U26Primola II Z SOLDposition on map
U27Primola I SOLDposition on map
U28Primola II SOLDposition on map
U29Primola I SOLDposition on map
U30Primola II SOLDposition on map
U31Primola I SOLDposition on map
U32Primola II SOLDposition on map
U33Zafferano Z SOLDposition on map
U35Zafferano SOLDposition on map
U37Zafferano Z SOLDposition on map
U39Zafferano Z SOLDposition on map
U54Primola I SOLDpoloha na mapě
U55Primola I SOLDposition on map
U56Zafferano Z SOLDposition on map

* Povinným příslušenstvím se rozumí zejména elektrická vjezdová brána, vstupní branka, uliční designové oplocení, oplocení zahrady, zpevněné plochy parkovacích stání a chodníčku, akumulační nádrž s čerpadlem pro zavlažování, systém retence a vsakování dešťových vod, přípojky inženýrských sítí na pozemku atp. Součástí dodávky nejsou samostatně stojící garáž, zahradní domek, bazén, dřevěné terasy ani zahradní úpravy, které jsou pro ilustraci zobrazeny na vizualizacích.
** Rozdělení celkové ceny na dílčí položky je pouze přibližné a slouží jen jako orientační měřítko hodnoty; koupě je možná pouze jako celek.

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Rezervační smlouva

Rezervační poplatek ve výši 100.000 Kč při uzavření rezervační smlouvy. Započítává se do celkové kupní ceny. Rezervace se uzavírá na dobu 30 dnů.


Uzavření smlouvy o smlouvě budoucí

Platba do výše 10% celkové ceny do 14 dnů po uzavření smlouvy o smlouvě budoucí kupní.


Oznámení o provedení hrubé stavby

Platba ve výši 40% celkové ceny do 14 dnů od doručení oznámení o dokončení uzavřené hrubé stavby (a podpisu zástavní smlouvy ve prospěch hypoteční banky klienta v případě financování úvěrem).


Oznámení o kolaudaci stavby

Doplatek 50% celkové ceny - úhrada do 14 dnů od doručení oznámení o kolaudaci stavby, před podpisem kupní smlouvy.


Uzavření kupní smlouvy

Po vydání kolaudačního souhlasu, uhrazení celé kupní ceny a přejímce vily následuje podpis kupní smlouvy a její vložení do katastru nemovitostí.


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Znalecký posudek

Hodnotu znaleckého posudku si můžete ověřit předem - společnost IN - broker připravila nacenění celého projektu předem.

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